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Buonamassa continues, "It's also one of strongest and most durable materials, making it even more relevant for a highly modern and relevant minute repeater." We were also smitten by the matte dial and case of the titanium. The ultra-matte, almost industrial look combined with sculptural facets created a watch that we thought brought an entirely new spirit to Octo.

Jean-Christophe Babin, CEO of the brand, agrees that rose-gold watches are beautiful and luxurious. We also loved the idea that a watch could be made that was the complete opposite of the traditional luxury codes.Tag Heuer Replica Watches We were very successful with the Ultranero or the black versions of the Octo Finissimo. But we wanted to take it a step farther, and titanium was our answer. "The result is something consumers have responded to absolutely."

Terreni says, "It is funny, but the most mature customers today want ultra-light watches because they are accustomed to superlight sports cars such as the Ferrari Speciale and Scuderia. Wearing an ultra-lightwatch is a great benefit for them because it's so comfortable to wear. Our minute repeater is just that, weighing less than 46g.

A Tag Heuer Replica Watches Octo For Revolution

"OK, I know that the Tag Heuer Replica Watches Octo Finissimo Repeater in Titanium is one of coolest, most important, and sexily discreet watches on the market," said I. "How about a smaller-seconds version with the same grade 5-titanium case and dial?"

This brought a smile on Terreni and Buonamassa faces, and it was decided quickly that Revolution would be given the honor of creating the first titanium Octo ultra-thin in Tag Heuer Replica Watches history.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Terreni says, "I think this is a great expression of our relationship because Revolution magazine has always been about connecting vintage and modern watches to contemporary culture." Our Octo Finissimo Petite Seconde was also created with the exact same mission, to unite our unique Roman design philosophy, and our traditional Swiss watchmaking abilities, with the world of today and the modern consumer.