All rooms have a terrace with a view
Woonhuis totaal beneden licht
Hoofdhuis ext.
stoel op groot terras
Boventerras met ondergaande zon
Kamer 1
Kamer 1 voor 3
Uitzicht kamer 2
Uitzicht kamer 2
Kamer 2
Kamer 2- 2 bedden
Muskietennet met kussens
Kamer 8
Terras bewolkt
Tafel met vaas en olijftak
woonkamer met boekenkast
woonkamer bank
katjes drinken


There are 14 sleeping places, these are spread over 8 rooms with private bathroom in the 'Main House' on the top floor. All rooms have a terrace with a view.

There are 3 single, 4 double and 1 triple room. On the ground floor, adjacent to the general living room and kitchen, there is a terrace with a sea view where you can eat.




Our chefs' vegetarian and vegan meals are delicious for everyone. In the morning after the meditation there is a breakfast table with muesli, fruit, yogurt, nuts and seeds, bread, cheese and honey. The afternoon extensive lunch with something warm and salads. Dinner is light with lots of vegetables.

There is always a choice for gluten-free or low-carbohydrate! (Please report allergies in advance).

There is water, coffee and tea available all day long. Beer and wine in fridge with notebook for your own use.

If you still need something different or extra to eat, there is an extensive choice of restaurants in the area. On Wednesdays is the free afternoon/evening, then there is still something in the fridge or you go out for dinner.

Uitzicht op tempel
Oranje cactus
Na regen damp
Pluimen bij yogazaal
Zwembad totaal
zwembad 3x oranje
Zwembad met plant


The site covers 2.2 ha. There are places and seats everywhere where you can be by yourself.

Behind the 'Main House' is the swimming pool with sun loungers and further on is the large Yoga room. There are extra Yoga mats for outside to do exercises by the pool or under the shade of the trees, on the yoga field.

Here is also the Slackline, a tight or less tight band on which you can balance. It requires concentration, coordination and balance.

Around the mountain you can go in all directions for a short walk.

A long walk, the Via Algarviana (300 km from East to West) passes behind us. And by car to the sea or into the hinterland, where there are rivers and waterfalls in spring and autumn.

Yogazaal met Shiva
Yogazaal met zonlicht
Yogazaal met pluimen
Yogazaal recht
CA tools boogjes verkeerd
Gekleurde tools
Yogabankjes, getrokken shot
Yogazaal ext.

Yoga Shala

The Yoga-shala is always open, you can go there whenever you want and lie down on a strip or roll.

It is also wonderful to be there at night! The floor is made of cork and the roof of wood, warm and comfortable.